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Surprisingly Affordable

Rather than an additional food expense, we’ve designed our service to be a better tasting, more convenient alternative to your current grocery budget. Typically, our service will offset 55% to 70% of what you’re currently spending on food. You’ll find you make fewer trips to the grocery store, and will save money with less frequent need for drive-through, take out, and delivery. Our families tell us that even though our All-Natural  items are higher in quality, we fit in the same range as their current food budget.

We customize each order, so the variety, sizes, and quantities of the items included in your menu - and therefore the pricing - are based on the dietary needs and preferences of your family. Below are some ranges of pricing based on different family sizes.

For 2 Adults or 2 Adults with a Young Child $60 to $80 Weekly

For 2 Adults and 2 Children Up to 12 Years $70- $100 Weekly

For 2 Adults and 3 Children Up to 12 Years $95-100 Weekly

For 4 Adults Or More 

$100- $140


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