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What we do.

Committed to delivering the highest quality Angus Beef, Select Pork, Lean Poultry, Wild Seafood and brand name groceries at the best prices! We know your schedule is busy! Let us free up some time!

Unlike grocery stores who may outsource processing to a third party, we maintain control over our proteins at our own meat packaging plant. All items are hand trimmed to remove excess fat, providing you with more food for your money.

Because we keep everything in house, we can ensure that your food is minimally processed with no chemicals added for preservation, and no water or saline added to plump up the product or increase shelf life. We even grind our own ground beef.

  • Hand trimmed

  • Individually packed, portion controlled

  • Freshness sealed in

All items are individually packaged and portion controlled for health, convenience, and variety. Now, whether you’re feeding a few or many, you can simply pull out exactly what you need. Meal prep is a snap and food waste is greatly reduced.

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